Is it possible to combine NFTs and nonprofit aid? We think so, that’s why we created criptogon. We see the royalty function of NFTs as an opportunity to support charitable organizations on an ongoing basis and to give something back to society and help people in need. With the help of our art we want to introduce important personalities of world history, who had or have a great influence on different areas of society and to uphold their legacy. The limitation of the images depends on the age reached by the person about whom the image is.

We will receive 20% from each resale of our NFTs, and we will donate 33.33% of each proceeds we receive from every single sale and resale by an NFT to a non-profit organization.

1. Sale – a picture is sold for 100€ > we donate 33.33€ (33.33% of the 100€)
2. First resale of the same piece of art for 200€ > we get 20% of 200€ (40€) > we donate 33.33% of the 40€ (13.33€


On our website we will show you transparently and traceable how much we received from every single sale and how much we have already donated per collection.

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